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Fuel Gas System

2Fuel Gas System-RMA Fiventures

RMA Fiventures

RMA Fiventures Asia-Pacific (RFAP) , Global HQ and Technology Owner for Specialized System, Skid Packages and Turn Key EPCC Contractor with Complete Functional Group.

The company’s origins “Fiventures Pte Ltd” (FVTS) was incorporated in year 2012 by a team of business development management and qualified engineers with decades of experience in delivering Multiple Discipline Engineering, Design & Built of Natural Gas related Stations, Skids Packages, Process Analytical Systems for Storage Terminal, Transmission and Distribution Network in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Process Industries

Metering for Custody Transfer or Allocation

Metering for Custody Transfer or Allocation

Metering for Custody Transfer or Allocation

  • Flowmeter type:
    Orifice, Turbine, USM, Coriolis
  • Analytical Package:
    Hydrocarbon, Moisture, Hydrocarbon Dew
    Point and H2S
  • Total Custody / Fiscal uncertainty ± 0.35%
  • Compliance to AGA 3, 7, 9
  • For Gas and Cryogenic Application (LNG)

Indirect Heater

Indirect Heater
  • Water or Oil Bath Indirect Heating
  • Natural draft or Forced draft burner System
  • Natural Gas as fuel
  • Self Operated, suitable for unmanned Station
  • High Combustion Efficiency
  • General Purpose and Ex-proof Control System
  • Low Maintenance, Safe & Proven System

Pig Launcher & Receiver

Pig Launcher & Receiver
  • Design Type : Launcher, Receiver, Launcher and Receiver
  • Size up to 70”, ANSI 2500
  • Suitable for Standard or Intelligence Pig
  • Built in Safety Device and Interlocking System
  • Equipped with Quick Opening Closure, Pig Signaler and instrumentation

Process Gas Analytical System

Process Gas Analytical System
  • General Purpose and Ex-Proof Design
  • Measurement technology: GC, Wobbe Index, NDIR, UV, FTIR, FID, TCD and others
  • Sample Probe System
  • Sampling line System
  • System Integration of
    - Analytical Instrument
    - Sample Gas Conditioning System
    - Panel and Cabinet
    - Electrical & Instrumentation
    - Scada System

Flow Computing and Metering SCADA System

Flow Computing and Metering SCADA System
  • For all tasks with the same operation philosophy:
  • Calibration of the EcoPT sensor
  • Local or remote maintenance for System Bus constructions
  • Data retrieval of USM with standardized Modbus interface
  • Process visualization e.g. of a gas analysis
  • Administration of construction documents

Pressure Regulating

Pressure Regulating
  • Design Configuration - Active, Monitor and Slam Shut
  • Self Regulating Pressure Control
  • Integrated Pressure & Flow Control
  • Remote Control System

Filter / Separator

Filter / Separator
  • To remove Solid and/or Liquid
  • Filtration Technology such as Vane Pack, Cyclone or Filter Cartridge
  • Low pressure drop, 0.1 Bar
  • High Efficiency

Integrated Filtration, Metering, Pressure Regulating & Direct Heating

Integrated Filtration, Metering, Pressure Regulating & Direct Heating
  • Design Type :
    - Metering + Pressure Regulating System (MPRS)
    - Filter + Metering + Pressure Regulating (FMPRS)
    - Filter + Metering + Direct Heater + Pressure Regulating (FMHPRS)
  • Compact Design for limited space
  • Easy installation
  • Optional with weather proof cabinet

Booster Gas Compressor

Booster Gas Compressor
  • Reciprocating, Screw & Centrifugal Compressor Type
  • Powered by Electric Motor, Gas or Diesel Engine
  • Lube and Non Lube system
  • Gas, Lube Oil & Water Cooling System
  • Vibration & Torsional Analysis
  • Vibration Monitoring System
  • Pulsation Study
  • Noise Protection System

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)
  • Compliance to Local & International Environmental Regulations (US EPA 40 CFR 60)
  • Sample Probe & Conditioning System designed according to Flue Gas Condition
  • Extractive System Design : Cold Dry, Hot Wet and Dilution
  • Low Maintenance and Operation Cost
  • Pollutants measure: Particulate Matter, CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, H2S, HF, HCL, VOC and others
  • CEMS Data Acquisition and Local Regulatory Reporting

Steam & Water Analytical System (SWAS)

Steam & Water Analytical System (SWAS)
  • Compact Wet and Dry Rack Design
  • Rack or Cabin Design
  • Measurement : pH, Conductivity, DO, Silica, Chlorine and other

Turnkey EPCC Contract Scope of Works
Site Construction and Installation Works

  • Prime Mover
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator
  • Emergency Shutdown System
  • Pig Launcher Receiver
  • Filter Separator
  • Water Bath Heater
  • Custody Transfer Metering
  • Pressure Regulating

Mechanical & Piping Works

  • Above / Underground Piping Work
  • CS / SS / PE Piping Works
  • Hot Tapping works
  • Gas Venting System
  • Manual and Actuated Valve

Electrical Works

  • Power Supply
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Lightning Protection
  • Earthling Protection

Instrumentation & Control Works

  • Measurement & Control Instrumentation
  • Wiring & Termination
  • Tubing & Fitting
  • Control Panel
  • Remote Terminal Unit

Safety & Security Works

  • Gas Detection System
  • Fire Fighting
  • Security for entire Facility
  • Gas Pressure Relief
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Perimeter Fence Intrusion System

Testing & Commissioning Works

  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • Strength & Load Test
  • Functionality Test
  • Simulation Test
  • Calibration Check
  • Accuracy Test
  • Site Performance Test